Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It seems we have a social life.

Things have really been picking up in our social life the past week or so. We have been invited and had lunch with a few folks at their homes, our landlords arrived and they had us over for dinner.  Our neighbor Eric, who owns a 12-acre property directly behind us with amazing gardens, rentals, pool, and a view invited us over for wine. Brandon has not had red wine since I have known him because it has always given him heartburn (Brandon thinks his recent weight loss has helped).  Eric is a Lord from Norway and only drinks red wine so Brandon of course did as well. 2 bottles of wine later no heartburn but the next day…a titch of a hangover.

Eric's main house. Photo taken from our bedroom window.
We met a woman from Milwaukee when we were here in January. We shared a shuttle to the lake. She was moving here for what she thought was going to be 5 months at that time.  We ran into here fairly quickly after arriving and she let us know that she has decided to stay. She and her boyfriend live in Panajachel. I have had coffee with her but this past weekend she and her boyfriend came to Santa Cruz and the 4 of us explored our small village, had lunch, and then finished the afternoon with a few beers in our garden (not me ☺).

Place we had lunch in Santa Cruz

Sunday was Packer game day. I believe I have mentioned before that we have made friends with a couple who recently moved her from New York with their 2-year old son. They came over Sunday for fried chicken, nachos, beer, and brownies…a good old American football Sunday.  The Packers did win.

All of this socializing has left us, me mostly, tired!

38 weeks tomorrow…the little guy is welcome to arrive anytime now. My mom arrives at the lake this Friday and I cannot wait!!! She may have to do a guest blog post while she is here.


Katie and Brandon

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