Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our big trip to the USA

I’m writing from the comfort of my bed in my room on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and am so happy to be home. Our friends came over this morning for exercise and home made pizza. It has become our Saturday ritual and it felt good to sweat. I didn’t do any form of exercise while in the USA and my body really needed it.

Charlie is napping and I am crossing my fingers that he takes a long one as he didn’t sleep the best during our travels. Working to find a rhythm after being out of sink for a few weeks is a task! We only will have 2 weeks of a routine because our good friend Jennie is coming for a visit on June 16th. She is bringing her boyfriend and we are really looking forward to some quality time with her and also to getting to know him!

The five of us will be touring around the lake for a week then heading up north to Flores to visit Tikal before heading on to Belize for five days. This will be an adventure not only because we have never been to Belize but also because we will be taking over night buses with a five month old. I am practicing deep breathing in preparation! Charlie has been an amazing traveler thus far so we are hopeful that this trip will be no different but are also very aware that babies change daily.

Our time in Minnesota/Wisconsin was packed full of family and friend get-togethers. It was amazing to see all of our important people and at the same time had my head spinning with all of the activity. I also left feeling that I didn’t get to spend much quality time with much of anyone, as we always seemed to be heading somewhere else. I am not sure how else it could have been done though as we really did want to see as many of our loved ones as possible. Something to try to figure out before our next visit home I suppose.

We did find clarity regarding if we felt our time in Guatemala would end this August or if we would extend our stay. There are still a few details to be worked out but if/when they are worked out our new plan is to stay in Guatemala through April 2017. Neither one of us feel ready to return just yet.  We both feel that we still have more personal and family work to do and we want to do this work here. What this means that there is more time for you all to come check out this amazing place.

I had intended to take photos of all of the new people that Charlie had the opportunity to meet but didn’t accomplish this. No ones perfect right...these photos are what I did accomplish.

Boat ride to catch shuttle to airport
Dressed in red, white, and blue for arrival in the USA (coincident)
First carseat ride for Charlie
Breakfast with funny Phil
Kid BBQ photo (Thank you Jill and Shawn)
Lunch with Kente' friends and cousin Olive
Meeting the bookclub women
First bath in a real bathtub at Nannie's house
Lunch with Brandon's old coworker Kate

Meeting Brandon's old coworker Selma
Charlie with his cousins Claire and Owen
Grandpa Kukowski and Charlie at the lake
Great Grandma Audrey and Charlie
Aunt Kristel measuring Charlie on the cabin wall
Harper and Charlie

Thank you to everyone for your generosity to all of us! We love you and think of you daily.


Katie, Brandon, and Charlie