Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Life around our house

It is getting pretty quiet around Lake Atitlan. Most of the seasonal visitors have left and tourist season is tapering off.  They finally finished the work in the yard at our house. While they were doing the work their was between 8 and 12 men in the yard. The work included taking down a very large avocado tree that was dead, building a massive stonewall with rocks that they wheeled down in wheel barrels from the neighbors yard, building an open air viewing patio down by the lake, and planting grass by hand that they had pulled from the neighbors yard.  All of this started the day after Charlie was born.  It is nice to have peace in the yard again!

We moved Charlie to his own room last night. He is still getting up in the middle of the night to eat but we are hoping that having his own space may help him with his sleep. It can get kind of loud in our room with the dogs coming and going. He is 13 weeks now! He weighed in at 15.5 pounds at his doctors appointment on 4/1/16.

I finally started my Spanish language lessons this week. I feel very dumb. Most days I can’t even remember my name because I am so tired! I have no idea how I am going to retain a new language but Ingrid my teacher is very proud of me for trying!

We are heading to Minnesota on May 16th for a 2-week visit. We are really looking forward to this and have a very full schedule already (not trying to sound important...just want to see everyone that we can!). I am sure we are not going to feel like 2 weeks is enough.

When we return to the lake a few of our friends that we spend a lot of time with will be gone so life will feel much different. Below is us spending some time with some of these friends at the Casa del Mundo hot tub! This was the day that we left Charlie with a baby sitter for the first time…I cried as we walked away and when we returned home. He did fine!

While we will return to less friends our good friend Jennie and her boyfriend Andy are coming down on June 15th and will be staying 2 weeks. We are going to make the trek to Belize together! We are looking forward to getting Charlie another stamp in his passport!


Katie, Brandon, and Charlie