Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kukowski/Kussard recent happenings per Katie

I think my original plan was to blog twice a week. That is funny as it has been about two months since my last post. Whoops! So now I will briefly bring you up to speed on our life the last two months…

We went to Florida for a week to visit with Brandon’s parents. It was great! Charlie loved the ocean and sand (after an initial freak out). We saw dolphins right out front of their home and spent wonderful quality time together. Brandon then headed back to Guatemala and Charlie and I went on to spend two weeks in Minnesota. I was feeling overwhelmed by motherhood and was in major need of support of friends and family.

Finally asleep on the plane

Watching the diggers at Grandma's

First Halloween 

While it was wonderful to be back in Minnesota and to spend time with friends and family, it was difficult to be away from Brandon that long. Charlie slept terrible and so I was exhausted and very cranky (my mom can attest to that for sure!! She was very patient with me through my emotional break downs). I was also very anxious for the 15-hour trip back home to Guatemala.
 The thing that is so true about this life we live is that most the things we spend nights worry about just never happen. Charlie did great on the trip home. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t exhausted when we finally arrived but he did amazing!! I was very proud of him and of myself.

While we were away Brandon got himself into a nice work routine. Work is going well for him and we feel lucky that it allows us to have much family time together. Charlie is changing so rapidly and there aren’t many couples that get to witness it all together.

Brandon's office

While being in Minnesota I decided two things: that I need a break every now and then and that Charlie needs to start having some regular interactions with other children. He loved playing with Bjorn and Alma and it was fun watching him watch them. So now we have Anna who comes Monday’s and Wednesdays from 10am-2pm to watch Charlie so I can go grocery shopping, exercise, or just hang out. I also found a mommy/baby class that Charlie and I have started going to two days a week. It isn’t the greatest class but we don’t have that many options here and so we are taking what we can get at this point. It is nice to get out of the house with Charlie.

The house is becoming more comfortable. I managed to bring back a chair from Ikea in my suitcases and Brandon (with the assistance of Cruz) built as a daybed that we are using as a couch. Who knows how long we will be here at this point but I am done sitting on uncomfortable furniture!

It is getting busier around here as many people are escaping the cold. It’s fun to see familiar faces. My mom will be arriving in less than two weeks.  Brandon and I are thinking we may have our first night away together. In preparation for this we started night weening Charlie last night! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hoping tonight only gets better!

Election night

Indigo dying sheet for our daybed


Katie, Brandon, and Charlie