Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Santa Cruz Proper

Last Wednesday morning Katie and Brandon went up to the village to attend a funeral.  Charlie was with his sitter for the morning. So later,I walked to the Santa Cruz docks, hired a Tuk - Tuk and rode the steep switchback climb up to the town square. And made my way to Amigos. A vocational school, supported by ex-pats, to help create financial opportunities for the Mayan youth.  Talking with Auga and Hella upstairs (who are active supporters) the effort has also been the catalyst for measurable growth of Spanish language literacy among Santa Cruz Mayan population.  The school has programs in culinary arts / hospitality, sewing, carpentry, bicycle repair and there's talk of launching a program for digital technologies.  At the top level of building the culinary school has an open air restaurant.  Finding my way up, I met Katie, Eryne and Hugo. We were soon joined by Matthew, Nancy, Chris and Brandon.  We all enjoyed a nice lunch, great conversation and a spectacular view.

The Iguana Hotel Restaurant / Bar Overlooking Santa Cruz Docks

Docks Seen from Iguana

The Weekly Market at the Docks

These were Taken in Pana - Fine Example of a Tuk-Tuk
On the Santa Cruz Road the Three Wheel Set Up Gives the Trip a Carnival Ride Feel!

Hugo surveying the village of Santa Cruz above the restaurant

View of Santa Cruz above the school / restaurant

Looking down from the restaurant.  Part of the switchback road down to the docks.
Going up - fun. Down - thrilling!

The usual suspects at lunch

Views from the Tuk-Tuk on the way down.
As a result of this trip, I learned how many (but unfortunately not all) local ex-pats take their responsibility as citizens of this community to heart.  Change is always slow.  But they have and clearly intend to persevere in their support and investments to help the Maya improve their community and lives.  With all the divisive bullshit happening in the "developed" world.  This experience makes one wonder where the truly developed people really are.  I think more likely - it's here.

Perseverance and generosity for the good of humanity.  Lessons to be learned.


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