Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lake Atitlan

Wow, I've got so much to share. But, with an often wonky connection and my focus often being elsewhere, material just keeps piling up. In a previous, I'd promised to cover last week's visit with Dennis.  The shots of his house and property turned out. But images of Dennis himself didn't.  I'll try to get over to his place the next day or two, collect a few more pics and get that one posted soon.

For this post, I'm just gonna share some favorite images of Lake Atitlan. It's so freaking beautiful.  The pictures don't capture the true sense of this magical place.  But, I hope it gives you a sense of the attraction it holds for so many.  The other day, while down at the beach, Katie shared that she's concerned about having lost her sense of wonder in the beauty of this place. I get how she can begin to feel that way. What with having assimilated to the place over the past two plus years, a notable distraction called "Toon", plus the pre-occupation of another little one - soon to arrive.  But,  I'm confident the feeling will be just a temporary lapse, for her.  This place gets right into your soul.  I don't think it possible ever really lose ones connection with nor appreciation of this place. Charlie and his brother to be are extremely fortunate that Katie and Brandon have chosen Lake Atitlan and it's community for them to spend these important formative years of their lives. As a grandparent, I'm thankful for Katie and Brandons vision of how to raise their family. I get their passion for this place and its people.  And, in a huge way, I admire their courage in choosing this path.

Like the cowboy narrator in one of my favorite films says - "Well look at me. Shucks........ I'm ramblin' again."

So, I'll sign off. Lots of other great experiences to share. Hopefully the internet gods will smile and allow me to be a bit more consistent in getting the stuff on line during coming days.

At the dock just below the Xepoj beach gate (the house KB&T live in). Boats come by heading in either direction.  Signal which way you're going and they  pick you up.
Morning - looking West from the Xepoj dock.  The grasses are planted as part of an effort to help mitigate human impact and better manage the health of the lake.  On the beach is an example of hand made boats used by the local folks
Looking East. The way to Panajachel (Pana) - the harbor town central to the lives of, and a supply center for, the people on this part of the lake.
Looking East from Xepoj in the afternoon
Evening, looking West from Xepoj

These two were shot from the boat while Katie and I were returning from San Juan (I'll have a post on that trip for you later)  It kind of gives a sense of how the topography goes completely vertical from the lake shore in most places around the lake.  Most houses and villages are perched on the hillsides.

Ivy & Rory's dock

I call this "The hand of the lake god"
One of my favorites
The three above were taken Friday during our evening walk home from a pre New Year party at the given at the home of Katie and Brandon's friends Ivy and Rory and their 3 children.  All the usual suspects were there. We had a great time!

Happy trails!

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